1.8.6 (2012-05-08)

  • Fixed find_resources code for windows. <<Ticket(ros 3944)>>

1.8.5 (2012-04-30)

  • roslib.stacks: removed bad print statement that was affecting py3k compat, thanks michikarg

  • fix the GTest use under Ubuntu Precise

1.8.4 (2012-03-26)

  • Changed Depend on rospkg to python-rospkg to use new standalone packaging

1.8.3 (2012-03-09)

  • rosmake: workaround for Python subprocess bug. <<Ticket(ros 3883)>>

1.8.2 (2012-03-08)

  • Don't set ROS_ROOT in catkin buildspace
  • rosmake:

    • Remove call to rospack profile as it is no longer necessary, better caching of rospkg instances.

    • <<Ticket(ros 3881)>>

1.8.1 (2012-03-07)

  • Fixed path to roslaunch-check.py <<Ticket(ros 3865)>>

  • Allow second arg of rosrun to be relative <<Ticket(ros 3641)>>

  • Fixed roscd with no args to jump to ROS_WORKSPACE if set, warn otherwise <<Ticket(ros 3863)>>

1.8.0 (2012-02-15)

ROS 1.8.0 is a major overhaul to the build and message generation infrastructure. ROS messages can now be used outside of ROS and have their own independent infrastructure that can easily be combined with other build systems.

The ros stack now follows an FHS installation layout, which is described in REP 122. This new layout allows resources in ROS to be accessed via standard build tools, like pkg-config. The Python toolchain also installs in a normal manner, which means that roslib.load_manifest is no longer necessary for accessing Python modules in converted stacks. At the time of this release, only ros, ros_comm, rx, common_msgs, and actionlib have been converted.

The underlying build system is now CMake-based for C++ resources and setuptools-based for Python resources. These are unified via the Catkin CMake build infrastructure, which is still under active development.


Minor changes since 1.7.2 release:

  • No longer packages rosdep.yaml. rosdep uses new db implementation that does not require this.
  • Patches from kruset to support command tab-completion and --help options properly. <<Ticket(ros 3793)>> <<Ticket(ros 3732)>>

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