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Installing TIAGo Simulation

Description: A brief summary of commands to install the required packages for TIAGo simulation

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER


Make sure that all ROS repositories specified in the previous tutorial have been installed.

Linux commands

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  • Not supported. Currently supported ROS LTS: kinetic.

  • Not supported. Currently supported ROS LTS: kinetic.

Source-based installation

Currently source-based installation is provided.

These instructions assume that you are comfortable with ROS and the catkin build system. Please familiarize yourself using the ROS and catkin tutorials.

First of all open a terminal and create an empty workspace:

  • mkdir ~/tiago_public_ws
    cd ~/tiago_public_ws

Download the file tiago_public.rosinstall. Copy the rosinstall file in ~/tiago_public_ws. Then run the following instruction in order to clone all the required repositories within the workspace:

  • rosinstall src /opt/ros/kinetic tiago_public.rosinstall

Set up rosdep

  • sudo rosdep init
    rosdep update

Then you may run the following instruction to make sure that all dependencies referenced in the workspace are installed

  • rosdep install --from-paths src --ignore-src --rosdistro kinetic --skip-keys="opencv2 opencv2-nonfree pal_laser_filters speed_limit sensor_to_cloud hokuyo_node libdw-dev python-graphitesend-pip python-statsd pal_filters pal_vo_server pal_usb_utils pal_pcl pal_pcl_points_throttle_and_filter pal_karto pal_local_joint_control camera_calibration_files pal_startup_msgs pal-orbbec-openni2 dummy_actuators_manager pal_local_planner gravity_compensation_controller current_limit_controller dynamic_footprint dynamixel_cpp tf_lookup"

Then, you may proceed building the workspace:

  • source /opt/ros/kinetic/setup.bash
    catkin build -DCATKIN_ENABLE_TESTING=0

Once you compiled all packages and sourced the environment (source devel/setup.bash) it's all ready to go.

Testing the simulation installation

First of all open a console and source the workspace:

  • source ./devel/setup.bash

The public simulation of TIAGo allows two different versions:

  • TIAGo Steel: in this configuration the end-effector is a parallel gripper

  • TIAGo Titanium: the wrist has a 6-axis force/torque sensor and the end-effector is the under-actuated 5-finger Hey5 hand.

To launch the simulation of the TIAGo Steel, execute:

  • roslaunch tiago_gazebo tiago_gazebo.launch public_sim:=true robot:=steel


The Titanium version can be launched as follows:

  • roslaunch tiago_gazebo tiago_gazebo.launch public_sim:=true robot:=titanium


If you manage to launch these two simulations then the installation has been successful. If you have rendering problems please update your graphics driver.

  • Not supported. Currently supported ROS LTS: kinetic.

  • Not supported. Currently supported ROS LTS: kinetic.

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