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Xbot serial robot platforms are a mobile robot solution of Zhongde Intelligence Technic which comprised by robot hardware platform and software platform and operating system. In the process of evolving from first generation of xbot, the second generation not only inherits all of virtue excellence of last generation, but also added many other specialties in every sides.

Hardware platform

All steel structure

Xbot mobile robot platform is built in steel structure which make xbot firmer than any other mobile robots such as Turtlebot in market. Because of the steel structure, xbot could carry over 50kg and move in ground easily and smoothly.

Multi sensors embedded

There are many sensors embedded in Xbot ,which will make xbot become a powerful,multi-functional platform.Such as ultrasonic sensor,infrared sensor´╝îIMU,RPLidar,ASUS and so on.Ultrasonic sensors and infrared sensors are used for detecting distance between xbot and obstacles around. IMU is short for Inertial measurement unit,IMU is an electronic device that measures and reports a body's specific force, angular rate, and sometimes the magnetic field surrounding the body, using a combination of accelerometers and gyroscopes, sometimes also magnetometers. RPLidar is a sensor which suitable for indoor robotic SLAM application.ASUS is a high precision camera.

Lift and cloud camera server

Lifting platform can make camera lift up and down freely,and this feature provides convenience for different kinds of people,such as for children or adults.Camera can rotate by 360 degree ,and pitch by 90 degree.So it is suitable for many useful senses.With support of electric machinery,pad or other electronic devices can easily hold on xbot.

Abundant IO port

There are four kinds of extended IO ports:

  • 1.USB x 2
  • 2.HDMI
  • 3.RS-232
  • 4.Voltage port 1x12V and 1x19V

Optional lidar scanner and deep camera

Optional 2D Range Finders :

Optional 3D Sensors (range finders & RGB-D cameras):

Software support

Standard data transmission

We provide drivers and assisted software for Xbot robot,you can find some useful packages in XbotGroup.In heartbeat-data package transmission,xbot can provide the frequency of more than 50Hz with support of hardware and international,universal driver software framework and communication protocol.

High speed data decoding and calculation

Xbot equips with powerful GPU and CPU calculation ability,and support CUDA acceleration .It can achieve more than 3 frame per seconds when running the Openpose Algorithm in large-scale scene. With standard and fast data transmission and powerful hardware,xbot can encode input data precisely and calculate massive data blob in fast speed. xbot robot can master its movement state in a good precision that within 20ms .That is to say ,xbot can be highly perceptive of the its movement in a very short time interval .

Complete origin data support

In order to make sure you're not worried about the configuration of xbot,we provide the original data and parameters of our xbot.

ROS package support

All necessary topics support

Xbot is a comprehensive and powerful platform ,so the complexity of xbot is inevitable.Nevertheless,you don't have to worry about,we provide many topics to make you fully master the internal information and state of xbot. All messages and all data in topics are accurate and reliable.

Obligated debug channels

What is more ,we provide some debug channels for you.You can debug your programs and test your application in many ways.

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