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qbhand ROS Packages Installation

Description: Install the last qbhand related ROS packages

Keywords: qbhand installation

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

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Since you are interested in the ROS interfaces for our devices, it is assumed that you are familiar at least with the very basics of the ROS environment. If not, it might be useful to spend some of your time with ROS and catkin tutorials. After that, don't forget to come back here and start having fun with our nodes.

Install the qbhand packages for a ROS user is straightforward. Nonetheless the following are the detailed steps which should be easy to understand even for ROS beginners:

  1. Clone both the qb_device and qb_hand packages to your Catkin Workspace, e.g. ~/catkin_ws:

    cd `~/catkin_ws/src`
    git clone --recursive
    git clone
  2. Compile the packages using catkin:

    cd `~/catkin_ws`
  3. If you were not familiar with ROS you should be happy now: everything is done! Nonetheless, if you encounter some troubles during the compilation, feel free to ask for support on our Bitbucket.

  4. [recommanded] You probably need to add your linux user to the dialout group to grant right access to the serial port resources. To do so, just open a terminal and execute the following command:

    sudo gpasswd -a <user_name> dialout

    where you need to replace the <user_name> with your current linux username. Then - don't forget to - logout or reboot.

At the moment the qbhand related ROS packages have been tested only on Ubuntu Xenial 16.04. We are currently working to improve the compatibility with the major distributions of linux, this requires time though. We apologize for the inconvenience and we will be glad if you report any problem encountered with not yet supported distros.

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