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qbhand Setup

Description: How to connect the qbhand to the system and check its configuration

Keywords: qbhand setup

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Connect a qbhand to your system is basically a matter of plugging in a USB cable. Nonetheless, read carefully the following notes:

  • Connect the qbhand to your system either directly through an USB cable or to an already connected qbrobotics device chain.

    • Single mode: the hand has to be connected either directly to your ROS master host through a USB cable or with an ERNI cable to a qbrobotics dummy board which in turn has to be connected to the system through a USB cable. In both cases the qbhand has to be powered with another ERNI cable respectively directly or through the dummy board.

    • Chained mode: the hand has to be connected through an ERNI cable to an already connected and powered qbrobotics device chain.

    Even if your qbhand is connected to a qbrobotics device chain, with this node you can control only the qbhand specified by the given ID. In case you are wondering how to properly control many qbrobotics devices simultaneously, have a look at the specific qb_multi_device ROS package which simply groups together several qb_hand_control and qb_move_control nodes to manage their resources efficiently.

  • In the following you need to know the current device ID of your qbhand. If it is the first time you are using our product or simply you are not sure about it, check the device info with the command line utility. Actually the qbhand ID is often 1 or 2, but it is not always the case.

    Once installed the utility following its README, you should be able to retrieve the device info by executing the following command in a terminal:

    cd <qb_admin_unix_binaries_path>
    ./qbadmin -p

Each qbrobotics device you connect to your system must have a unique ID.

For more details about interfacing the qbhand with your system or with other qbrobotics devices we recommend you to read carefully the qbhand manual.

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