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Getting Started with the TS3 on a Raspberry Pi

Description: Using the Toposens stack to connect to and display data from a TS3 3D ultrasonic sensor on a Raspberry Pi

Keywords: Toposens, TS3, ultrasound, Raspberry Pi

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

This tutorial was tested on a Raspberry Pi 3b with Ubuntu Mate 18.04.

It is assumed that you have a catkin workspace and catkin tools are installed.

This tutorial is heavily based on our base tutorial! It is appending a few notes notes specific for use on a Raspberry. Hence, it is recommended to work through the base tutorial, which can be found here: http://wiki.ros.org/toposens/Tutorials/Getting%20Started%20with%20the%20TS3

Install Driver

It is recommended to build the driver from source, as described in the base tutorial.

When compiling, use:

cd ~/catkin_ws
catkin build toposens -j1

The -j1 options limits the build jobs that are run in parallel to 1. This should prevent the Raspberry Pi from running out of memory. If it still runs out of memory while building the packages and gets stuck, try increasing the swap size of the Raspberry Pi (see https://linuxize.com/post/create-a-linux-swap-file/).

Enable Serial Port Permissions

See base tutorial.

Connect TS3 Sensor

See base tutorial.

Visualize Data

Be aware that RViz is not designed to work on a single board computer with limited resources like a Raspberry Pi 3b. As a result, the visualization will probably be jerky.

Consider running the driver in headless mode on the Raspberry, and run the visualization on a more powerful machine (e.g. a Laptop). Setting this up is described for example here: http://wiki.ros.org/ROS/Tutorials/MultipleMachines

Manipulate Parameters

See base tutorial.

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