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Description: Simulation of the Bangkok University Robotics Laboratory (BURL), Restaurant Service Robot (waiter-bot). Using sw_urdf, rviz, and gazebo.

Keywords: catkin, sw_urdf, urdf, rviz, gazebo, gazebo_motor, gazebo_urg, gazebo_kinect

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE


The waiter-bot is a mobile manipulation platform built by Bangkok University Robotics Lab. (BURL).

Source git : https://github.com/aeksiri/waiter_bot.git

From Solidworks to Universal Robot Description File (URDF)

เป็นการแปลงไฟล์ (export) จาก Solidworks ให้ออกมาเป็น URDF-file โดยใช้ (URDF-Exporter)

Convert 3D STL-file(s) to dae-file(s)


Add more some physics properties to the waiter-bot (URDF-file)

Add the Laser Range Finder (URG) to the waiter-bot

Add the Differential Drive controller to the waiter-bot

Add the Restaurant world to the gazebo.launch

Simulation (ROS + gazebo + rviz) :

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