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Camera + Dynamixel controller for picture taker robot sample

Description: This tutorial explains how to do a practical example of integration between dynamixel control and camera image acquisition. As an example, this integration would allow a dynamixel motor to be positioned in different angles and capture a image from a camera associated to it.

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE


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  1. Camera Picture Server Tutorial

    This tutorial is a simple example for practice in service usage and image transportation in ROS. It explains how to build a server that takes a picture from a camera. A publisher was created to send camera content continuously, and a server receives a command to take and save a picture.

  2. Dynamixel Position Control

    This tutorial explains how to use the dynamixel motor in position mode, this simple application can be used with a camera that takes photos from many angles. This application use only publisher and subscriber. The motor should be in multiturn mode, you can configure it using the Mixcell program.

  3. Camera + Dynamixel Controller

    This tutorial explains how to use the dynamixel motor in position mode + a camera que take pictures using a client service. Here we're using the two previous topics together.

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