Package proposal process

The purpose of this process is not trying to make it hard to create a package; rather we want to prevent duplicate work and ensure consistency and compatibility across packages.

To propose a new package:

  • First create a page (pr/wiki/package_name) to hold the proposal; select the PackageTemplate when creating this page.

  • On that page, write your proposal. Provide enough detail that other developers can understand what you're trying to do, and how. The goal at this step is to demonstrate the need and purpose of the new package, and to detail the required features.
    • For already existing packages, the primary goal of the proposal step is to establish whether the package really is needed, whether it should be merged with other packages, and what its scope should be.
  • Create a calendar event on Google Calendar, add guests,,
individuals whom you think should attend (not everybody is on ros-review)

Include a link to the proposal page with the date of the scheduled review. Give at least 48 hours between sending out the review and the review meeting.

  • Before the meeting, read through all questions / concerns and prioritize to make sure all critical concerns are covered during the meeting.
  • After you have sent the email and made the wiki page you can mark the review status as "proposal cleared"

You (the author / proposer) decide when to close off discussion.

The next step is an API review.

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