Sharing of persistent data between multiple robots and people in a building.


  • What information do we need to maintain
    • Map of the building
      • Can contain various overlays: wifi, temperature, activity, etc
      • time stamps and life-long mapping
    • Objects in the building, their state and functionality
      • Robots and their current tasks, people, trash cans, doors, lights, etc
    • Available applications
  • Data storage
    • Webbags
      • Robots push bags to webbags
      • Webbag processes can push data into the warehouse
      • We can store bag id’s and offsets for specific data
    • Database backend.
      • Look into no-sql alternatives
      • Mongo
      • Spatial indexing
      • App’s can create their own databases.
    • Localized data...for now
    • We have some temporal considerations
      • timestamp everything
        • some databases have TTL feature
      • probability field for everything
      • How do we handle movement of furniture ( i.e when does a dynamic obstacle become static)?
  • Data access
    • Use sql queries.
      • Robots can push data, depending on what app’s it currently running
    • Is all data accessible to everyone and every robot?
      • Yes
    • App running on the building manager can poll robots for state updates


  • Initial implementation of shared maps
    • Building API
    • shared storage mechanism
  • Data updating
    • Allow robots to create and modify data
  • Data query
    • Define a mechanism that will allow robots and GUIs to query information about the state of the world


  • Nate: 20%
  • Bhaskara:
  • Caroline
  • Kevin

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