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Face detection (C++)

Description: Example of ROS node embedding OpenCV's face detector.

Keywords: OpenCV

Tutorial Level: ADVANCED

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This tutorial presents a ROS node that subscribes to an image topic and applies the OpenCV face detector based on an Adaboost cascade of Haar features. The node publishes ROIs of the detections and a debug image showing the processed image with the ROIs likely to contain faces.


First, make sure that the tutorials are properly installed along with the ARI simulation, as shown in the Tutorials Installation Section.

Download the face detector

In order to execute the demo first we need to download the source code of the face detector. Run the following instructions:

  • cd ~/ari_public_ws/src
    git clone

Building the workspace

Now we need to build the workspace

  • cd ~/ari_public_ws
    catkin build


Open four consoles and in each one source the workspace

  • cd ~/ari_public_ws
    source ./devel/setup.bash

In the first console launch the simulation

  • $ roslaunch ari_gazebo ari_gazebo.launch public_sim:=true world:=tutorial_office

Note that in this simulation world there are several person models


In the second console run the face detector node as follows

  • $ roslaunch pal_face_detector_opencv detector.launch image_topic:=/head_front_camera/image_raw

Moving around

In order to detect faces we need that the robot approaches the persons. In the third console run the key_teleop node as follows

  • $ rosrun key_teleop

Then, using the arrow keys of the keyboard we can make ARI move around the simulated world and approach the different persons.

Watching the detections

In the fourth console we may run an image visualizer to see the face detections

  • $  rosrun image_view image_view image:=/pal_face/debug


Note that faces detected are stroked with a ROI. The detections are not only represented in the /pal_face/debug Image topic but also in /pal_face/faces, which contains a vector with the image ROIs of all the detected faces. In order to see the contents of the topic we may use

  • $  rostopic echo -n 1 /pal_face/faces

which will prompt one message of the topic that when a face is detected will look like

  • header: 
      seq: 0
        secs: 1222
        nsecs: 399000000
      frame_id: "head_front_camera_optical_frame"
        x: 992
        y: 448
        width: 88
        height: 88
        eyesLocated: False
        leftEyeX: 0
        leftEyeY: 0
        rightEyeX: 0
        rightEyeY: 0
          x: 0.0
          y: 0.0
          z: 0.0
        name: ''
        confidence: 0.0
        gender: ''
        genderConfidence: 0.0
        expression: ''
        expression_confidence: 0.0
        emotion_anger_confidence: 0.0
        emotion_disgust_confidence: 0.0
        emotion_fear_confidence: 0.0
        emotion_happiness_confidence: 0.0
        emotion_neutral_confidence: 0.0
        emotion_sadness_confidence: 0.0
        emotion_surprise_confidence: 0.0
        seq: 0
          secs: 0
          nsecs:         0
        frame_id: ''
      child_frame_id: ''
          x: 0.0
          y: 0.0
          z: 0.0
          x: 0.0
          y: 0.0
          z: 0.0
          w: 0.0

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