ARan Base Tutorials

These tutorials have been created to learn how to use ARan Base, the new mobile base by PAL Robotics, in the Gazebo simulation environment running on an Ubuntu computer.

It is not meant for development on real robots since more functionalities are available in the docker/ISO provided to customers when purchasing the robot.


Tutorials Installation

  1. Installing Ubuntu with ROS + ARan Base

    This tutorial describes the steps needed to get a proper Ubuntu and ROS installation to have a system up and running for the ARan Base tutorials.

  2. Installing ARan Base Tutorial Docker

    How to pull and launch a docker all set up for the ARan Base Tutorial with noetic

  3. Testing the simulation

    Testing the simulation of ARan Base in Gazebo


Autonomous navigation

  1. Create a map with gmapping

    This tutorial shows how to create a map of the environment using the range-finder on the ARan Base.

  2. Localization and path planning

    Learn how to run laser-based localization and autonomous navigation avoiding obstacles by means of global and local path planning.


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