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TIAGo++ is the bimanual version of TIAGo service robot designed to work in indoor environments. TIAGo++ features make it the ideal platform for research, especially on ambient assisted living or light industry, specially when tasks involving ambidextrous manipulation are required. It combines mobility, perception, manipulation and human-robot interaction capabilities for one specific goal: to be able to assist people and to help researchers around the world to push the limits forward!

For technical questions regarding the public simulation of the robot please write to tiago-support@pal-robotics.com .

If you wish to know more or request a quote, please send us a message or refer to the product microsite

Additional information

Find more information about TIAGo++ in PAL Robotics' blog:

* TIAGo++, the robot you need for bi-manual tasks


TIAGo++, the robot you need for bi-manual tasks

A picture is worth a thousand words:



A comprehensive set of tutorials are now available for the TIAGo++ robot in Tutorials. The tutorials make use of the Gazebo simulator and currently contains tutorials on how to use OpenCV, PCL, autonomous navigation, MoveIt! and Human Robot Interaction.

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