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Installation - Android Studio Development Environment

Description: Develop from Android Studio without a ROS Environment!

Keywords: android studio installation

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Build apps and libraries inside Android Studio - no ROS environment necessary!


This tutorial shows how to setup develop using android studio + sdk without a ros environment. This means no installation of ros necessary, no sourcing of setup.bash, and no catkin packages. You can focus on a single app using just the studio, the gradle backend and some gradle-groovy logic connecting you to our maven repository.

Useful for the non-ros programmer!

Create a New Project


I usually don't build in this way, but I know of others who have been successful, and even got it working from a windows installation of android studio. If you are one of those people, please embellish this tutorial for others! In the meantime, you might find the old hydro tutorial useful.

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