This package provides a C++ API for working with road map and coordinate representations. These classes are exported in an artmap library.

There is also a ROS node that publishes a road map for the ART autonomous vehicle to follow, plus some related test utilities.

ROS Nodes


Publish local and global road map for the ART vehicle.

Subscribed Topics

odom (nav_msgs/Odometry)
  • estimate of vehicle position and velocity

Published Topics

roadmap_global (art_msgs/ArtLanes)
  • global road map lanes (latched topic)
roadmap_local (art_msgs/ArtLanes)
  • local area road map lanes


~poly_size (double, default: 2.5)
  • Minimum polygon size for road map lanes (m).
~range (double, default: 80.0)
  • Publish local road map polygons within this radius (m).
~rndf (str, default: "")
  • Road Network Definition File name (required).


Run the ART map server, publishing roadmap_global and roadmap_local messages using the RNDF from the 2007 DARPA site visit at Southwest Research Institute.

 $ roscd art_map
 $ rosrun art_map maplanes _rndf:=rndf/swri/site_visit.rndf


Write out GPS data from the Applanix POS-LV to waypoint file. This file can then be used to generate RNDFs.

Subscribed Topics

gps (art_msgs/GpsInfo)
  • GPS data from Applanix POS-LV


Run the getpoints node to collect waypoints.

 $ rosrun art_map getpoints

Enter waypoints for lanes, zones or parking spots by pressing the corresponding letter and <Enter>.

 Valid instructions are:
 L record lane point
 P record zone perimeter point
 S record parking spot point
 E end the current lane or zone point list
 Q quit

Use the following command to convert waypoint file to RNDF

 $ `rospack find art_map`/src/node/pointsToRNDF.rb waypoints.txt out.rndf


Road map test utility for ART RNDF.


 $ rosrun art_map test_lanes --help
usage: test_lanes [options] RNDF_name

    Display RNDF lane information.  Possible options:
        -h, --help      print this message
        -i, --image     make .pgm image of polygons
        -y, --latitude  initial pose latitude
        -x, --longitude initial pose longitude
        -s, --size      max polygon size
        -p, --print     print polygons to stdout
        -o, --output-points     print polygon points to polys.points
        -v, --verbose   print verbose messages

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