Care-O-Bot: Configuring and Using the Swissranger 3000 or 4000 Depth Sensor

Both Swissranger versions (3000 and 4000) are supported. To run a Swissranger time-of-flight camera make sure there is a udev rule located for the Swissranger camera in /etc/udev/rules.d/ after installing the driver when executing  rosdep install cob_camera_sensors. Depending on the specified group within the udev rule (usually usb), add your Linux user to this group. Restart your computer to activate the changes (Maybe you know a better way, to update the udev rules?). Now you are set up to use the Swissranger camera with the ROS drivers from cob_camera_sensors by typing (we assume that you have set your ROBOT environment variable e.g. to cob3-2 for your Care-O-bot 3 with number 2):

  • Launch the Swissranger camera with

roslaunch cob_camera_sensors cam3d.launch
  • This starts the cam3d_cob3-2.launch from the cob_camera_sensors/ros/launch/cob3-2/ folder automatically provided that you have set export ROBOT=cob3-2.

Since we are starting the ROS driver for the Swissranger sensor, you might find more useful information at the documentation of the swissranger_camera package.

roslaunch cob_camera_sensors tof_camera_viewer.launch

If your camera is connected via ethernet, skip the udev rules and enter the appropriate ethernet address in the IPA configuration file.*/

/*All cameras are implemented using image_transport from ROS. Therefore, after launching the Swissranger nodes you will have the topic available listed in the Code API section.*/

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