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Related paper:

Moritz Tenorth, Daniel Nyga, and Michael Beetz, Understanding and Executing Instructions for Everyday Manipulation Tasks from the World Wide Web, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2010


Using the computables defined here, it is possible to query for a plan by giving a natural-language command like 'set the table' and retrieve a description of all required steps in form of an OWL TBOX specification.

The temporary OWL file returned from the Java-based import system is directly parsed and the main concept describing the plan as a whole is returned.


For proper functioning, the Cyc ontology ( has to be installed and must be running:

  • roscd opencyc make roslaunch opencyc opencyc.launch


You can either start a ROS service that responds with an OWL action description to a natural language command like 'set a table' or use the system from within KnowRob.

For the first option, just call

  • roslaunch comp_ehow comp_ehow.launch

For calling comp_ehow from within KnowRob, call

roscd comp_ehow
rosrun rosprolog rosprolog comp_ehow
rdf_triple(knowrob:forCommand, A, 'set a table').
A = ''

The variable (here: A) will be bound to the identifier of the plan that has been generated and already been parsed, so that you can use it for reasoning.


A description how to use the GUI can be found here:


At the moment, the howtos are read from text files in the howtos directory

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