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Eigen ROS package deprecated (ROS Electric). Old documentation

Eigen has been replaced with a rosdep system dependency. Electric also switched to Eigen 3. To migrate from Eigen2 to Eigen 3 see this guide

Electric: Porting to system dependency

Starting in ROS Electric, Eigen 3 is installed as a system dependency. This means that you compile against Eigen 3 without requiring any ROS-specific build tools.


For convenience, the system install includes CMake config files for easily finding and configuring Eigen in your CMakeLists.txt using the normal find_package() macro:

find_package(Eigen REQUIRED)

Eigen is a header-only library, so you do not need to specify any linking.

Unfortunately, Eigen on Ubuntu does not have a FindEigen.cmake file and we do not have that file in a ROS package yet. You need to include it by default in your package (in a ./cmake folder for example). You can get if from here:

You then need to add the following before the find_package CMake instruction:


Package/stack dependencies

Eigen is defined in the common_rosdeps stack/package. You will need to update

  1. manifest.xml

      <depend package="common_rosdeps" />
      <rosdep name="eigen" />
  2. stack.xml

      <depend stack="common_rosdeps" />


Please see the Eigen homepage for documentation on the Eigen library. See also:

To help you get started with Eigen, we've put together an Eigen Cookbook.