API review


  • Ethan

Question / concerns / comments

  • What happens with on demand processing if a color image is requested when the camera is mono? Can we avoid publishing the color topic at all (or unadvertise it? Is it even possible to unadvertise a topic?)
  • There are a number of cases where it is useful to be able to perform rectification or debayering on an image within a single node rather than requiring a separate node. Can we add a static function which looks something like this (an appropriate header file will need to be added):

static void processImage(const sensor_msgs::ImageConstPtr& raw_image, const sensor_msgs::CameraInfoConstPtr& cam_info, 
                         bool doColorize, bool doRectify, sensor_msgs::ImagePtr &output_image)
  if(!doRectify && !doColorize)
    ROS_WARN("Neither doRectify nor doColorize is true, processImage aborting");
  cam::ImageData img_data;  
  cam_bridge::RawToCamData(*raw_image, *cam_info, cam::IMAGE_RAW, &img_data);
  if (doColorize)

  if (doRectify)
  // Fill output image  
  output_img.header.stamp = raw_image->header.stamp;
  output_img.header.frame_id = raw_image->header.frame_id;

  if(doColorize && doRectify)
      uint32_t step = img_data.imRectColorSize / img_data.imHeight;
      fillImage(output_image, cam_bridge::ColorCodingToImageEncoding(img_data_.imRectColorType), 
                img_data.imHeight, img_data.imWidth, step, img_data.imRectColor);
  else if(doColorize)
      uint32_t step = img_data.imColorSize / img_data.imHeight;
      fillImage(output_image, cam_bridge::ColorCodingToImageEncoding(img_data_.imColorType), 
                img_data.imHeight, img_data.imWidth, step, img_data.imColor);
  else // doRectify
      uint32_t step = img_data.imRectSize / img_data.imHeight;
      fillImage(output_image, cam_bridge::ColorCodingToImageEncoding(img_data_.imRectType), 
                img_data.imHeight, img_data.imWidth, step, img_data.imRect);

NOTE I have not tried to compile this code so it is probably broken, but it should get the idea across and be close to functional.

  • There should probably be either an INFO or DEBUG level logging event for subscribing and unsubscribing to the camera.
  • local_nh_ no longer appears to be used, and should probably be removed unless parameters are added
  • Do we want to expose any options with respect to the debayering / rectification? What about interpolation method options for the rectification?


  • /!\ Add static processImage method.

  • {X} Should we expose any options for debayering / rectification, and if so how (probably just a few parameters)?

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