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Package Organization

This package contains robot description and configuration files for the Mini Maxwell platform, organized into subdirectories as follows:

  • docs/ contains harwdare documentation.

  • urdf/ contains (xacro representations of) urdf descriptions of various parts of Mini Maxwell (arm, head, etc.), and the full robot.

  • meshes/ contains mesh files (.stl) for visualization and collision properties

  • params/ contains yaml specification files for the ArbotiX driver and diagnostics.

  • launch/ contains roslaunch files for starting up Mini Max, on real hardware, or in simulation:

    • bringup.launch - starts the real hardware.

    • fake-mini.launch - brings up a simulated version (not in Gazebo/Stage).

    • simple_arm_server.launch - brings up the arm controllers.

  • nodes/ contains several python-based nodes, which currently have no home.

Starting Up Mini Maxwell

Please see the Bringup Tutorial

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