The pr2_mechanism stack contains useful libraries if you want to write a realtime controller to interact with the PR2 (or similar) robot. These libraries are contained in the following ROS packages:

  • pr2_controller_interface: The C++ interface for a realtime controller

  • pr2_controller_manager: The infrastructure that allows you to run and manage multiple controllers in a realtime loop

  • pr2_hardware_interface: The C++ interface for the PR2 hardware, containing actuators, pressure sensors, accelerometers, digital out and projector interface.

  • pr2_mechanism_model: The model of an effort controlled robot, based on the urdf robot description format.

  • pr2_mechanism_msgs: Messages used to communicate with the realtime control loop, and messages that contain the state of the realtime controllers, the joints and the actuators.

  • realtime_tools: A tool to publish to a ROS topic from realtime.

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