detect_outlet action is used to move the arm and detect the outlet pose near the PR2.

The action uses the joint_trajectory_action, and the vision_detect_outlet_action to move the forearm camera near the outlet in order to determine the exact pose of the outlet.

Action Goal

detect_outlet/goal (pr2_plugs_msgs/DetectOutletGoal)
  • This is an empty goal that starts the action.

Action Result

detect_outlet/result (pr2_plugs_msgs/DetectOutletResult)
  • This returns the location where the plug was found in the gripper.

Actions Called

r_arm_plugs_controller/joint_trajectory_action (joint_trajectory_action)
  • This action moves the arm to a joint configuration.
vision_detect_outlet_action (vision_detect_outlet_action)
  • This action detects the outlet.

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