Note: This tutorial assumes you already understand the PR2 Run stops.
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PR2 diagnostics system

Description: This tutorial teaches you about the PR2 diagnostics system.

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

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  1. Diagnostics


The 'Wrench' button on the dashboard is a summary of the robot state.


When you click this button, you'll get a new window with all the details of the robot state. This is called the diagnostics window:


  • The diagnostics show you the details about every sensor, motor, joint, computer, controller, power breaker, etc. When something on the robot is not working properly, this is the first place to look. When you see an error, just keep clicking through, until you get a message with all the details about the problem.
  • Give it a try: press the run stop again, and see how the motors report a problem now. When you expand the motors group, you get to see each motor in the PR2. When you double click on one of the motors, you get to see all details about that motor: name, state, serial nr, voltage, motor torque, ...

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