rqt_robot_monitor/Reviews/rqt_robot_monitor 2013-02-04 Code Review

Package Developer:


Present at code review:

Notes from examiner

Examiner: Enter your notes on each section below. See ExaminerChecklist for more detailed instructions.

  • Divide your concerns up into bullet lists that can be run through in order in the meeting, and concretely decided about. Include enough details / relevant information for people at meeting to quickly decide on the issue (e.g. file and line number, description of race condition, or list unclear names)
  • {X} Use error symbol to call out things that are clear errors

  • /!\ Use warning symbol to call out things that you're worried about

  • (./) Use check mark to mark areas that look good.

  • Use the below bullets as a basic guide, but feel free to add new issues or remove issues that are not relevant (e.g. command-line options for a library)
  • Feel free to delete this instruction section when you're done


  • API
  • command-line
  • tutorials / examples


  • headers
  • libraries
  • exported symbols

Source Code

  • header files
  • source files
  • data / configuration / xml files

Manifest / Build System

  • build
  • dependencies
  • manifest data


  • all tests pass
  • unit tests
  • rostests


This section will be filled out during the group code review meeting, and will include

  • /!\ Any action items that need to be taken before clearing

  • Change in official package status

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