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sr_visualization: sr_gui_bootloader | sr_gui_change_controllers | sr_gui_controller_tuner | sr_gui_grasp_controller | sr_gui_hand_calibration | sr_gui_joint_slider | sr_gui_motor_resetter | sr_gui_movement_recorder

Package Summary

This stack contains the different gui and gui plugins used with the shadow robot stacks.

  • Author: Maintained by Ugo Cupcic /
  • License: GPL,BSD
  • Source: bzr lp:sr-visualization/fuerte (branch: release)


sr_visualization is a package with GUI plugins which can be used to control the different nodes of the shadow_robot stack. The GUI plugins are programmed in Python and can be started from within rqt. A ROS master must be running before starting rqt. ROS master and rqt can be started by simply typing in linux command line:

$ roscore

and on a new terminal window

$ rqt

The plugins depend on different ROS nodes (e.g. to use sliders to control the hand joints, you need the Hand ROS node to be started), and are available only when those nodes are started. You can check the status of the different important nodes with the Process Monitor plugin in rqt.

To load a plugin select from the plugins menu in rqt.

select to load the bootloader plugin

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