tf/2008-09-09 Design Review

Package Developer: Tully


  • Brian
  • Stu
  • Eric
  • Ioan
  • Josh
  • Ken

Package Summary

Transforms between coordinate frames



  • Do we really want to roll our own math?
  • Pass by pointers for outputs
  • Move basic math out of ROS?
  • remove to/from matrix from classes?
  • pose3d drop down to struct/C?
  • polymorphic add instead of listing all
  • internal data arrays union
  • all copy constructors
  • make internal stuff high powered since people won't see them mostly
  • no more 2d standardize on 3d
  • Transform vs Pose aka


  • move list/queue processing into external class
    • use necessary references


  • Underlying data types issues
    • Quaternions vs orientation
    • vector vs points
    • look at nocturnal (from Josh)
  • strip out large matrix support and use hard coded matrix multiplication?
    • ublas?
    • nocturnal?
    • kdl ?
  • redefine scope of math3d
    • compare to external sources

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