1.4.2 (2011-07-13)

  • Check if Cg module built correctly to resolve issues with segfault in debian packages <<Ticket(ros-pkg 5059)>>

1.4.1 (2011-05-25)

  • Fixed bug in src/ogre_tools/movable_text.cpp: vertex count was set to the wrong number because line breaks were not considered, this sometimes lead to random triangles showing up besides text markers.
  • src/ogre_tools/axes.h: made copy constructor private (copying this object would lead to a crash)
  • fixed bug #4924 in ogre_tools, boost filesystem api update, r36652
  • Added patch from bug #4830, set RTT Preferred Mode to PBuffer in ogre_tools, r36649.
    • This should fix a segfault-on-startup bug which happens on some older NVidia cards under Ubuntu 10.10.

1.4.0 (2011-01-18)

The main change in visualization_common 1.4 was moving visualization_msgs into common_msgs. This move was done to better separate GUI dependencies within ROS libraries. Many ROS stacks can now be installed with lighter weight, GUI-less dependencies.

  • Removed visualization_msgs, which is now in the common_msgs stack

  • ogre_tools

    • MovableText: Fixed width calculation when newlines were involved (<<Ticket(ros-pkg,4320)>>, r31517)

  • ogre: added patch for hidden window creation

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