This package has been renamed to neato_2dnav in groovy and later to conform to package naming standards.


This package contains configuration and launch files for running the navigation stack with the Neato XV-11. It is currently still under active development.


You'll likely need to create your own map, but:

roslaunch neato_node bringup.launch
roslaunch 2dnav_neato move_base.launch

Creating Maps

gmapping can be used to create maps, as with any other robot. We've yet to find just the right set of parameters (work on the beam likelihood is probably needed), but the following seems to work on the Neato for smaller maps:

rosrun gmapping slam_gmapping scan:=base_scan _srr:=0.001 _srt:=0.001 _str:=0.000001 _stt:=0.000001 _linearUpdate:=0.5 _angularUpdate:=0.4

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