Please use the git for stable releases.


This package allows ROS to control a Sphero. ARL_sphero_command is in alpha/proof of concept stage. The package currently changes the color of the robot then starts receiving joy messages to command it's velocity!

Developed by Parker Conroy at the Algorithmic Robotics Lab @ University of Utah.

Fast Tutorial

  • sudo apt-get install bluez libbluetooth3 libbluetooth-dev ( you may also need bluez-alsa, bluez-gstreamer, and bluez-cups)
  • gedit src/sphero_command (you'll need to change the line labled with "//*** SPHERO ID ***" to the ID of your robot)
  • Connect/Pair your computer to the robot
  • rosmake ARL_sphero_command
  • rosrun ARL_sphero_command sphero

Incoming Features

  • Ability to listen for other velocity commands messages (twist or joy)
  • Other robot message types (raw motor, timeout and more!)

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