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For now it's steps for changes to get the web applications to run:

Configure Apache

Use this script: apache2_configure.py, which must be run as root and will basically just alias some directories for you. To know what to alias as what it looks for /etc/ros/app_platform/apache2_config.yaml. That's a yaml file with the following format:

   test: /pr/1/applications/ros
   apps: /opt/ros/electric/stacks

In this example, it aliases the location /pr/1/applications/ros to http://hostname/test and /opt/ros/electric/stacks to http://hostname/apps. Your configuration may look very similar since those are two common directories under which apps are installed. Basically now apache will serve up all the appropriate files under those directories. For example, if the teleop web client is at /opt/ros/electric/pr2_teleop_app/web/pr2_teleop.html and your apache2_config.yaml is as above then you will find the web client by going to http://hostname/apps/pr2_teleop_app/web/pr2_teleop.html.

App File

You must specify web client information in application's .app file Example:

display: Teleop
description: Teleop and control a PR2.
platform: pr2
launch: pr2_teleop_app/teleop.launch
interface: pr2_teleop_app/teleop.interface
icon: pr2_teleop_app/android_lightning_pr2.png
 - type: android
     api-level: 9
     intent-action: ros.android.teleop.Teleop
     gravityMode: 0
     base_control_topic: /base_controller/command
     camera_topic: /wide_stereo/left/image_color/compressed_throttle
 - type: web
     path: pr2_teleop_app/pr2_teleop.html

The 'path:' is the ROS path to the html file containing the web page. Apps can have multiple clients. This one has an Android and a web client. These apps should be under one of the locations you aliased in your apache configuration.

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