These are common procedures which developers might want to do.

Moving a message between packages

  • First make clean in the old_package (to clear autogenerated files)
  • Move the message

svn mv old_package/msg/name.msg new_package/msg/name.msg
  • Find all usages of the message:

rosmsg users old_package/name
  • For each usage change the namespace to reflect the new_package
    • In Python this will entail:
      • changing the package name on import
      • changing instances of the package name throughout
    • In C++ this will entail:
      • Fixing #include
      • changing namespace of each declaration usage.
      • also check for using namespace old_package.
      • The search only detects #includes you may need to find source files that include the headers found.
  • Before committing make sure you got all instances

roscd old_package && make buildtest && roscd new_package && make buildtest

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