Option 1 (Ubuntu)

Please follow the normal ROS installation instructions for Ubuntu and select the PR2 install.

Please make sure you install the tutorials as well (step 3).

Option 2 (Using Virtual Box)

We have created a Virtual Box image with the necessary ROS installation on it. This Virtual Box image will run Ubuntu for you in a virtual machine on pretty much any computer (Windows, Mac, etc.) and have the appropriate ROS software installed.

Verifying your setup

First, build the packages that we will be using in the tutorial:

$ rosmake turtle_actionlib turtle_teleop

This should build successfully. You can test that you are ready for the tutorial by starting two shells, running roscore in the first shell and

$ rosrun turtlesim turtlesim_node

in the second shell. You should see a window with a turtle appear.

Please diagnose any problems with installation prior to attending the tutorial.

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