This is a page to share papers that provide open source implementations through ROS repositories.

A good example is Papers/ICRA2010_Marder-Eppstein which has the paper, results, and instructions for how to reproduce the results.

Papers currently listed

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Creating a rosinstall file for downloading your code

A primary goal of these pages is to provide an easy way for readers to retrieve and run the code that you used to produce the results reported in your paper. To achieve this goal, we use the rosinstall file format, which is a simple YAML-formatted list of repository locations and revision numbers.

Creating a rosinstall file for the code that you used is easy to do.

Unwrapping SVN externals

Many ROS users rely on convenience URLs such as These URLs use Subversion's externals mechanism to redirect to multiple repositories. While convenient, the externals mechanism is not constrained by the revision of the "parent." In other words, it's not sufficient to record the version of, because the repositories pointed to by that external can change.

So, to be sure that you're specifying the version that you used, you need to "unwrap" the externals, itemizing each repository location at a particular revision in your rosinstall file. We provide a tool to help with this:


Usage is simple:

./ > my.rosconfig

will track down the actual repositories at their current versions and write them out in the rosinstall format.

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