Jaguar - All terrain unmanned ground vehicle

ROS Software Maintainer: Dr Robot Inc

Dr Robot is a manufacturer of mobile robots and robot systems. We provide robots and manipulators for a wide range of applications.

Supported Platforms

Platforms with full driver support:

More information about these platforms can be found here.


Setup your robot

The easiest way to get our ros stacks installed is to use a longterm support ubuntu release (for example ubuntu 12.04). See this page to install ros on ubuntu.

Installing the Jaguar Package

For latest Jaguar 4x4, you could find the package "jaguar4x4_2014" from For Jaguar 4x4 robot before 2015, you could find the package "drrobot_jaguar4x4_player" from To use this package, you still need "DrRobotMotionSensorDriver"

For Jaguar V2/V4 robot, you could get the package from

For Mainpulator Arm on the Jaguar robot, you could find the package from You need install Qt4.8 on your PC to use this package.

You could contact Dr Robot if you have any question or which version package you should use.

Package Overview

jaguar4xr4_2014: This package is for Jaguar 4x4 robot with RoboteQ motor driver board.

For Jaguar 4x4 before 2014, you could use below package.

DrRobotMotionSensorDriver: This package contains hardware/communnication drivers for Jaguar series robots.

drrobot_jaguar4x4_player: This package will publish all the sensors message on the Jaguar robot and translate the received velocity control command and send them to robot. There is a file in each package folder. Please read it before build and run the package.


* Jaguar V4 With Manipulator Arm

* Jaguar 4X4 with Manipulator Arm

* Jaguar Lite


Reporting a Bug

Once you found a (reproducible) bug contact us at github at neobotix dot com. See this if you've also got a bugfix.

Sharing Code

The easiest way to share code with us (for example bugfixes) is to create a github account and fork our repositories. After forking our repositories and adding your changes to your forks you can send a pull request to us.

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