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Roch(robot platform for commecial and home) integrated multiple different RGBD cameras and lidars like Microsoft's Kinect, Asus' Xtion Pro, Intel' Realsense 200 and Slamtec' Rplidar A1/A2 etc. Mainly used for business and family.


  • There have two options install roch ROS packages, choose one of these for install.

Full installation

Optional installation

1. Installation with roch

  • Roch package contains applications of ROS packages, like roch_navigation, roch_follower and roch_teleop etc.

2. Installation with roch_robot

  • Roch_robot package includes package lik drivers, roch_base, roch_ftdi, roch_bringup and roch_sensorpc etc.

3. Installation with roch_simulator

  • Roch_simulator package has almost simulators, New simulator will be released in the future.

4. Installation with roch_viz

  • Roch_viz is just for show roch in Rviz.


Configure Your Roch

1. Network Configuration

  • Let roch Communicate with your pc with network.

2. Param Configuration

  • Know the meaning of parameter with Roch.


1. Roch bringup instructions

  • Roch bringup package' instructions.

2. Roch bringup

  • how to bringup Roch with PC.


  • reference Turtlebot' Teleoperation.

1. Keyboard Teleop

  • Teleoperation with keyboard of Roch.

2. Joystic kTeleop

  • Teleoperation with Joystick of Roch.

1. SLAM map building with RGBD Sensors

  • How to generate a map with RGBD Sensors.

2. SLAM map building with Lidar

  • How to generate a map with Lidar.

3. Navigation on a known map with RGBD Sensors

  • How to implement in a known map navigation with RGDB Sensors.

4. Navigation on a known map with lidar

  • How to implement in a known map navigation with lidar.


Other things

  • Roch follower

    • Roch follower with RGBD sensors and refrence turtlebot follower.

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