ASUS 200CA wireless card is not working in Ubuntu 12.04

The problem is that the kernel has problems supporting the driver, fortunately, the latest stable kernel release fixes the bug and the WiFi works with the default drivers. Upgrading Ubuntu kernel by following should solve the problem.

Download the recent kernel


 > <<CD to where the downloaded debs are>>
 > sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-3.12.0-031200rc7-generic_3.12.0-031200rc7.201310271935_amd64.deb linux-headers-3.12.0-031200rc7_3.12.0-031200rc7.201310271935_all.deb linux-image-3.12.0-031200rc7-generic_3.12.0-031200rc7.201310271935_amd64.deb
 > sudo update-grub
 > sudo reboot

Now the wireless should work.

In case of you would like to remove the kernel

 > sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.12.0-* linux-headers-3.12.0-*

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