TurtleBot SDK Installation

These instructions will guide you through installing the TurtleBot SDK on your workstation.


  • Able to install ROS. We recommend Ubuntu 10.04 or 10.10.
  • Able to run Ogre
    • This should be a machine which can run Ogre to be able to run the visualizations.
  • Full network connectivity with TurtleBot

    • It will also need to be able to ping the turtlebot computer and vice versa. Often setting up openvpn is a useful way to make sure this is possible. See ROS/NetworkSetup for more information.

Network Time Protocol

Clock synchronization is important for ROS. Chrony has been found to be the best ntp client over lossy wireless. In case of robot behaves strange when messages are sent from PC application(like rviz, rqt, or ros node running in PC), you need clock synchronization.

  1. Install Chrony
    • sudo apt-get install chrony
  2. manually sync NTP
    • sudo ntpdate ntp.ubuntu.com


Please choose your preferred installation method:

What Next?

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