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Running AMCL with Volta

Description: AMCL with Volta

Keywords: Volta

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Next Tutorial: Launching the Navigation Stack with Volta

The following tutorials illustrate how to use AMCL with Volta. For more details on AMCL, refer to the Navigation tutorials.


  • Follow the instructions under Launching a Gazebo Simulation environment tutorial, to load the Volta simulation

  • Launch the navigation nodes by running:
    $ roslaunch volta_navigation navigation.launch 
  • This will launch move_base and the amcl nodes
  • For visualization, launch the rviz tool by running:
    $ rosrun rviz rviz 
  • The configuration file, navigation.rviz, located under the volta_navigation -> rviz_config folder, can be loaded in rviz to setup the volta configured rviz environment

  • If a different map is required for the amcl node, move the map file to the “maps” folder located under volta_navigation package
  • In the navigation.launch file, update the name of the map file in the argument map_file to the name of the newly saved map as below:
    <arg name="map_file" default="$(find volta_navigation)/maps/<map_filename>.yaml"/>
  • After launching Volta in the desired map in rviz, use the 2D Pose Estimate option present in the top toolbar to align the laser scan of Volta with the map features in order to correctly position Volta in the map, before giving a NavGoal. Without an initial pose estimate, the Monte Carlo localization approach is unlikely to converge to the correct pose as shown in the picture below. pose_estimate

  • Use the 2D Nav Goal tool in the top toolbar to select a navigation goal in the visualizer. Ensure that the nav goal is given in a mapped section of the map
  • The whole simulation should look similar to the video below


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