The TurtleCore Robot is a trimmed-down variant of the TurtleBot that uses a small gumstix processor instead of the standard netbook. This robot is based on a gumstix expansion board that drops right into the cargo tray of the iRobot Create and draws power straight from the Create's battery. While the gumstix's ARM processor does mean a decrease in performance, the trade off is a cheaper, more packaged robot with an integrated power supply that allows full, remote autonomy - no more human babysitter required for plugging in the laptop.

Getting Started

To get going right away, check out the pre-installed image for the TurtleCore in the Quickstart Tutorial. (WARNING: Currently the quickstart images are undergoing ongoing refinement and are a bit of a hack - though quick if they work.)

For a more stable manual installation, please see the Setup Guide.


The main purpose of these pages is to provide a smooth, ready-to-go experience for users who just want to get a robot up and running. To that end there are three general parts to this wiki: First is the one shot quickstart to give you something to get going with right off the bat.

For a quick overview of the setup process checkout the General Guide.


* TurtleCore Tutorials

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