This repository contains ROS nodes developed by theActive Vision Group (AGAS) at the University of Koblenz-Landau. This software is developed for the autonomous service robot "Lisa" that participates as part of the team "homer@UniKoblenz" in the RoboCup@Home competitions.



Contributed Packages

  • homer_gui: Integrated GUI with an rviz plugin for visualization. Provides convenient interfaces for mapping, navigation (homer_map_nav) and object recognition (obj_rec_surf).

  • homer_map_nav: Mapping and navigation packages with a convenient GUI integration.

  • obj_rec_surf: An object recognition system based on hough-transform clustering of SURF.

  • robot_face: An animated robot face with speech-synchronized mouth movements and 7 face expressions.

  • android_speech_pkg: A simple Android app and node to use the Android speech recognition with ROS.

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