About the new gradle plugin environment:

  • Developed by Google
  • Has replaced the ADT.
  • Extends the java gradle plugin.
  • Libraries now officially stored in .aar's (c.f. java .jar's)
    • These can be stored in maven repositories.
  • Synchronises with IDE builds (now with android studio, not eclipse).

Videos and resources:

Gradle Plugin - ADT Differences

  • Configuration info from project.properties -> gradle.

  • No more custom android project update calls needed.
  • Need gradle 1.6+ for the android gradle plugin (ubuntu system gradle not sufficient).
  • All folders by default now under src/main, e.g. src/main/java, src/main/resources.

    • AndroidManifest.xml also under src/main.

  • Point gradle at your android sdk via the ANDROID_HOME variable

  • Merging manifests is a bit more strict (particularly how android_core was specifying a NodeMainExecutor service in library and app - the app specification was lax).

  • Libraries need a dummy <application/> tag in them until a bug gets fixed (android gradle plugin version 0.5)

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