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Project: Trajectory Control of AR.Drone ver 2.0 quadrotor model

  • Authors: Trung Nguyen and Oscar De Silva
  • Intelligent Systems Lab - Memorial University of Newfoundland - Canada

The project can be used for researching quadrotor with specific topics:

  • Trajectory control or path following
  • State estimation (Attitude and Heading Reference System)
  • Trajectory generation or path planning


  • AR.Drone quadrotor ver 2.0
  • Ground station (desktop or laptop) with ROS (Fuerte, Hydro or Indigo) installed
  • Optitrack motion capture system (or camera mounting on the ceiling)
  • Joystick Logitech Attrack3 (optional)

Some demonstrations:

Driver for AR.Drone ver 2.0 quadrotor model

Ros node for ground station



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