Safety Instructions

We put our best effort in making this package working safely. However, usage is completely on your own risk. We disclaim any liability for injuries, damages of the helicopter or to objects. It is your responsibility to ensure a safe operation environment! Always comply with Ascending Technologies' safety guidelines. Additionally:

  • A safety pilot must always be present and he must have the training and ability to fly the UAV manually in any situation.
  • Do not fly over people or close to people. Spectators always stand behind the safety pilot.
  • Always wear proper protection gear (gloves, safety goggles). The safety pilot as well as spectators.
  • In case of any unexpected behavour, the safety pilot should switch both the serial interface switch to "off" and the flight mode switch to "acc" (both switches point away from the pilot then).

  • When having a new or changed setup (new/other controller, different parameters etc), carefully check the expected outputs before flying.

Flashing the Higlevel Processor

You need to flash the HLP with a custom firmware (main.hex) which is provided in this package. Flash the HLP following the instructions in the AscTec Asctec Wiki.

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