The DeepRacer Camera ROS package creates the camera_node which is part of the core AWS DeepRacer application and will be launched from the deepracer_launcher. More details about the application and the components can be found here.


The source code is released under Apache 2.0.

Supported ROS Distributions

  • Foxy

Node Details


Published Topics

/camera_pkg/video_mjpeg (msg/CameraMsg)
  • Publisher to publish the single camera or two camera images read from the cameras connected to the USB slots at the front of the device .
/camera_pkg/display_mjpeg (sensor_msgs/Image)
  • Publisher to publish one camera image for display purposes in the device console UI.


media_state (srv/VideoStateSrv)
  • Service that is called to activate the camera node and start publishing the images to the video_mjpeg and display_mjpeg topics.

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