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Package Summary



This package contains various launch files to start up the BipedRobin robot.

Launch Files

  • bipedRobinReal_all.launch - starts the BipedRobin environment and drivers.

  • bipedRobinReal_noControl.launch - starts just the BipedRobin environment without the drivers itself.

  • bipedRobinSimulated_all.launch - starts a simulated BipedRobin environment and drivers.

  • bipedRobinSimulated_noControl.launch - starts a simulated the BipedRobin environment without the drivers itself.

  • bipedRobinServiceMode.launch - currently not working.

  • kinect_all.launch - starts the openni drivers, kinect_aux, faked laser scanners and other kinect related stuff.

  • kinect_minimal.launch - starts just the openni drivers.

  • kinect_artoolkit.launch - starts all nodes necessary for marker detection with artoolkit.

  • joystick_all.launch - starts nodes allowing the robot to use the attaced joystick.

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