Note: This tutorial assumes that you have completed the previous tutorials: Connecting to an IEEE 1394 Camera, Setting Parameters Dynamically.
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How to Calibrate an IEEE 1394 Camera

Description: This tutorial explains how to calibrate an IEEE 1394 camera.

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Next Tutorial: Monocular Camera Calibration

Preliminary Steps

Start the camera1394 driver and dynamic_reconfigure GUI as described in the previous tutorials: Connecting to an IEEE 1394 Camera and Setting Parameters Dynamically.

Set all camera parameters to the values you plan to use.

Configuring the Camera Info URL

IEEE 1394 Camera calibration works almost exactly like other ROS cameras. The main difference is that the calibration data cannot be stored in the camera, so we need to save it in a file.

Check that the currently configured video_mode is the one you wish to use. If you need multiple video modes, calibrate each one separately and save the results in different files.

Choose a local file for storing calibration information (the file need not exist yet). The file extension must be one supported by the camera_calibration_parsers (.yaml is a good choice). Make sure all the containing directories exist and are accessible.

If the full path name is /cameras/calibrations/camera_640x480.yaml, set the camera_info_url parameter to file:///camera/calibration/camera_640x480.yaml.

Calibrating a Monocular Camera

This driver only supports monocular cameras. Proceed to the standard ROS monocular camera calibration tutorial.

Calibration of a stereo pair of 1394 cameras is outside the scope of this tutorial. It probably will not work in the current release, unless the camera triggers are synchronized in hardware. If you get this working, please update the tutorial to assist others.

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