This package holds a number of common configuration files for the move_base node on the Care-O-bot. In particular, it holds parameter settings for the base_local_planner, dwa_local_planner, costmap_2d, and move_base components of the move_base node that are shared between many different configurations of the navigation stack run on the Care-O-bot.

It holds a common folder with a default RVIZ configuration as well as a folder with configuration files for each of the different robots built at IPA.

Configuration Files

  • common/rviz.vcg: Default rviz configuration for the cob_navigation stack.

*robot* is the folder of the specific robot (e.g. cob3-2, raw3-1).

  • *robot*/costmap_common_params.yaml: Holds the common configuration for the costmap's run on the robot. Those can differ between the different robot versions concerning e.g. the footprint.

  • *robot*/base_local_planner_params.yaml: Parameters for the base_local_planner for the respective robot.

  • *robot*/dwa_local_planner_params.yaml: Parameters for the dwa_local_planner for the respective robot.

  • *robot*/linear/ctrl_params.yaml: Parameters for the cob_linear_nav node.

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