roscd code_sourcery_arm_gnueabi  
make                             # downloads the toolchain binary.
make install                     # installs into the /usr/___ directories.
make uninstall                   # removes the toolchain from your system.

Toolchain Bridge

Once you have the toolchain installed, you may need to make it ros-ready (i.e. install apr, apr-util, log4cxx, boost) using the instructions for a toolchain bridge.


Toolchain Module

Eros provides a ready made toolchain module you can select to globally configure your ros environment. To globally configure your ros environment to use this toolchain:

rostoolchain select code_sourcery/arm-none-linux-gnueabi

Development Patterns

Depending on what kind of development you wish to do:

  • Partial cross : embedded development without linking to the core ros libraries.

  • Full cross : cross-compile both ros and your packages.

See Also

Platform (Cpu) Configuration

You'll probably want to also globally configure your platform module as well (i.e. the $ROS_ROOT/rosconfig.cmake file). A useful example file for arm cores can be found in 'eros_platforms/library/arm/arm1176jzf-s.cmake'.

Other Sourcery Toolchains

If you use a 64 bit build platform or want a ulibc based toolchain, you'll have to download yourself from code sourcery. Then make your own custom toolchain module.

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