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Package Summary

Component responsible for launching and managing concert services.


Node APIs

Published Topics

~list (concert_msgs/Services)
  • shows all services' status and profile.


~enable (concert_srvs/EnableService)
  • enables a requested service
~update_service_config (concert_srvs/UpdateServiceConfig)
  • updates a service profile


~disable_cache (bool, default: "false")
  • flag whether reading solution configuration and service profile from cache or default
~concert_name (string, default: "")
  • concert name, e.g. Pirate Concert, demo_concert, etc.
~services (string, default: "")
  • service list resource location
~default_auto_enable_services (list, default: [])
  • autoenable services, e.g. [admin, initialisation] services which auto enabled on start up or "all" to enable all services

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