Instructions for doing a doc review

See DocReviewProcess for more instructions

  1. Does the documentation define the Users of the Stack, i.e. for the expected usages of the Stack, which APIs will users engage with?
  2. Are all of these APIs documented?
  3. Do relevant usages have associated tutorials?
  4. Have all Packages in the Stack been API reviewed?

  5. Does the Stack conform to the StackDocumentation guidelines?

  6. Are there Packages in the Stack that don't belong

Concerns / issues


  • diagnostics (the noun) is used throughout where diagnostic (the adjective) would be preferable, e.g. diagnostics data

  • In "The diagnostic_aggregator package contains tools", what is meant by tools? A GUI tool, a command-line tool, an API to call, a framework to extend?

  • I made a couple of non-semantic changes to Viewing to make it scan better.
  • I changed references to log files to bag files. That seems to be the convention in the rest of the wiki now that we've begrudgingly accepted bag as our name for log files.

  • I made small edits to the tutorial and package pages, otherwise it seems mostly fine, albeit a tad verbose. I agree that the tutorials could benefit from less PR2 jargon.


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